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Brahmin Handbags


Brahmin HandbagsBrahmin HandbagsBrahmin HandbagsBrahmin Handbags
Inexpensive Handbags

Interested in getting a hold of some inexpensive handbags?  Handbags can get quite pricey at $300 and even $1,000+, if you don’t happen to have much money to work with, you’re going to want to find some inexpensive handbags instead.  Even though you’re getting inexpensive handbags though, you still want them to look stylish and trendy and to draw compliments, so that is where these reviews come in.

I’ve gone over some of the cheaper ones and picked out the best ones that you’re likely to enjoy under about $100:

1.  Large ''Zane Hobo'' By Vitalio - Black & Off White, Blue & Green, Brown or Multi Color

This is a really colorful handbag that is brown at the top with a short brown strap, then its followed by a light red, beige, tan and cyan stripe down the length of the bag.  It also has a clasp that goes over the zipper.

This measures 11”H x 14”L x 3.75”W and is made of simulated goatskin.  It has a zip pocket on the back and a zipper pocket, open pocket and cell holder inside.  The shoulder strap drops 7”.

This is a great bag that is roomy, light weight and best of all cheap without sacrificing style and aesthetics, it is only $39.95 so it is quite affordable.  By the way, this has been rated 5/5 stars by 7 reviewers on Amazon.

2. Black Large Giraffe Print Faux Leather Satchel Bag Handbag

Here’s another one of the inexpensive handbags I came across, it has a black and white zebra print on it and only costs $18.99.  This was rated 4.5/5 stars by 28 reviewers, so it is a definite winner, especially at that price.  

This bag can change shape by snapping and unsnapping certain snaps on it and it has pockets on the inside and one on the outside.  It has a heart tag hanging from it and the faux leather which its made of is of good quality. 

This will pretty much be the best $20 you spend on a handbag, it’s a very nice little satchel.

3.  KATHY Van Zeeland Triple Play Belt Shopper

Lastly, this bag which is $81-$89 is a real winner in both price, looks and functionality.  This comes in so many different colors, cork, black, oak, oak brocade, ozone, viola, ozone tapestry, brick peacock and steel zebra!

This has a magnetic snap closure, 10” shoulder drop, is 10.75x10.75”, has 1 zipper pocket, cell phone pocket and 2 credit card slide pockets inside.  There are also 2 exterior end pouch pockets and one back exterior zipper pocket.  This is a great bag for going out with and it fits comfortably on the shoulder.

Now there are other inexpensive handbags out there, but this should be enough to get you started on your search.